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Topical Group MAGEO

Microwaves in Agriculture, Environment and Earth Observation

About MAGEO:

The maturity of microwave technology is opening up new possibilities for a wide application of microwaves in other fields, where agriculture, environment and Earth Observation are the ones of the highest importance for the wellbeing of the human kind. There are many challenges towards this goal, including the design of low cost, low power and easily integrated microwave devices and systems.
MAGEO seeks to create a joint focus and opens a dialog between microwave researchers working in the various fields of application of microwave technology in agriculture, environment and EO-related fields, such as sensor design, application of microwave radiation to improve the efficiency of crop production, design of low-power devices and many more. We believe that, by providing a clear focus in the abovementioned fields of high societal importance, MAGEO topical group would strongly foster European microwave research and lead to development of new concepts and results to the benefit of all people. 

Membership in MAGEO is open to all members of EuMA.

Current fields of interest include:
  • · Microwave sensor design
  • · Integration of microwave circuitry with sensors based on nanotechnology, MEMS etc.
  • · Low power or autonomous devices which utilize multiple energy harvesting technologies such as electromagnetic, solar, kinetic, thermal etc.
  • · Low cost high performance technologies for system on substrate such as SIW
  • · Microwave devices in low cost technologies including flexible and recyclable substrate materials such as inkjet printing, and paper or liquid crystal polymer substrates
  • · Systems for microwave heating of crops

MAGEO activities:

· MAGEO Special Session at TELFOR Conference, November 22-24 2011, Belgrade, Serbia
- Preparation of a proposal for a new COST Action
- MAGEO meeting in Barcelona, Spain, 19-20.09.2011.
· Presentation of MAGEO at the meeting of COST Action RF-CSET COST, IC0803, Barcelona, Spain, 20.09.2011.
· Participation at IC0803Training school 2, January 2012

MAGEO Governing Board

Vesna Crnojevic-Bengin, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Chair
Maurizio Bozzi, University of Pavia, Italy
Apostolos Georgiadis, CTTC, Barcelona, Spain
Riana Geschke, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Ian Hunter, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Vasa Radonic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Hendrik Rogier, Ghent University, Belgium
Luca Roselli, University of Perugia, Italy
Karoly Kazi, BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd., Hungary
George Goussetis, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

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