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MRF volume 9 issue 10 Cover and Back matter
MRF volume 9 issue 10 Cover and Front matter
Completely integrated multilayered weave electro-textile antenna for wearable applications
Esther F. Sundarsingh, Malathi Kanagasabai, Vimal Samsingh Ramalingam
This paper proposes a unique, first of its kind fabrication technique for the making of textile antennas. A novel method that provides scope for automation in textile antenna production is presented here. A completely integrated textile antenna fabrication method that eliminates the tasks of positioning and fastening of the various components of a patch antenna is discussed. The technique employs
Fractal antenna arrays for MIMO radar applications
Christoph Dahl, Michael Vogt, Ilona Rolfes
In this contribution, fractal antenna arrays are analyzed for their applicability in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radars. Array geometries based on the Fudgeflake fractal and the Gosper island fractal are investigated. In addition, a concept for the combination of both fractals is shown in order to increase the flexibility concerning the number of transmitting and receiving antennas. The
Two-dimensional scattering of a Gaussian beam by a homogeneous gyrotropic circular cylinder
Shi-Chun Mao, Zhen-Sen Wu, Zhaohui Zhang, Jiansen Gao
Two-dimensional scattering of a Gaussian beam by a homogeneous gyrotropic circular cylinder is presented. The incident Gaussian beam source is expanded as an approximate expression with Taylor's series. The transmitted field in the homogeneous gyrotropic cylinder is expressed in terms of the series of wave functions based on the integral equation. The unknown coefficients of the scattered fields a
Design of dual/tri-frequency impedance transformer with ultra-high transforming ratio
Rusan Kumar Barik, S. S. Karthikeyan
In this article, the design of a new dual-band impedance transformer with ultra-high transforming ratio UHTR is presented. The closed-form expressions are derived analytically using a lossless transmission-line theory. To practically validate the proposed design concept, two examples of dual-band transformer working at smaller and larger frequency ratios are designed for different load impedance o
A performance-enhanced planar Schottky diode for Terahertz applications: an electromagnetic modeling approach
Amir Ghobadi, Talha Masood Khan, Ozan Onur Celik, Necmi Biyikli, Ali Kemal Okyay, Kagan Topalli
In this paper, we present the electromagnetic modeling of a performance-enhanced planar Schottky diode for applications in terahertz (THz) frequencies. We provide a systematic simulation approach for analyzing our Schottky diode based on finite element method and lumped equivalent circuit parameter extraction. Afterward, we use the developed model to investigate the effect of design parameters of
Microstrip band-pass filter with ?67 dB stop band up to 8.8 times the pass-band center frequency
Frederick Huang
Step-impedance resonators and step-impedance capacitor coupling pads are introduced to microstrip band-pass filters to suppress spurious stop-band responses up to the ninth order, thereby providing a very wide stop band. Combined with improvements in existing suppression techniques, the overall suppression in one of the filters, with 1 GHz center frequency and 42% bandwidth, is ?54 dB, up to 8.9 G
A miniaturized directional antenna for microwave breast imaging applications
Md Zulfiker Mahmud, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Md Naimur Rahman, Touhidul Alam, Md Samsuzzaman
A novel compact directional antenna with improved gain is proposed for microwave breast imaging (MBI) applications. The radiating fins are modified by etching several slots to make the antenna compact and enhance antenna performance in terms of bandwidth, gain, efficiency, and directivity. Several parameters are studied and optimized to frequency from 3.1 to 6.5 GHz, which is typically used in the
A compact elevated CPW-fed antenna with slotted ground plane for wideband applications
Reeta Devi, Dipak KR. Neog
In this paper, a miniaturized elevated-coplanar-waveguide-fed antenna with a slotted ground plane is proposed. This antenna has a compact size of 25 mm × 25 mm × 1.6 mm where the ground plane is reduced by etching a trapezoidal slot along with two extended slits. A ?10 dB wide-impedance bandwidth of 126% ranging from 2.8 to 12.4 GHz is achieved for the proposed antenna. The proposed antenna is suc
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