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EuRAD: The Influence of Spatial Sampling in GPR Surveys for the Detection of Landmines and IEDs
Federico Lombardi, Hugh Griffiths, Maurizio Lualdi
EuRAD: Beamforming with Multi-Channel V-Band System-on-Chip Radar Platform for Gesture Sensing
Raghavendran Vagarappan Ulaganathan, Thomas F. Eibert, Ashutosh Baheti, Reinhard Wolfgang Jungmaier, Saverio Trotta, Gunnar Eisenberg
EuRAD: Perimeter Surveillance Using a Combination of Radar and Optical Sensors
Manfred Hagelen, Reinhard Kulke, Rainer Jetten, Gregor Mollenbeck
EuMC: Design of Near-Field Beam-Splitting Frequency Selective Surfaces for Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna Systems
Chanjoon Lee, Robert Sainati, Rhonda Franklin
EuMC: An Optically Transparent Wideband High Impedance Surface
Mahmoud M. Mostafa, Mohamed I. Ibrahim, Amr M.E. Safwat, Tamer M. Abuelfadl
EuMC: Undergraduate Teaching for Digital Signals on Transmission Lines
R.J. Collier
EuMC: Industrial RFID Sensing Networks for Critical Infrastructure Security
C. Occhiuzzi, S. Amendola, S. Manzari, G. Marrocco
EuMC: Ultra Broadband Non-Planar DC-67--100GHz Contiguous Diplexer Implemented on Organic Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)
Irfan Ashiq, A.P.S. Khanna
EuMC: Multi-Coupled Resonator Microwave Diplexer with High Isolation
Augustine O. Nwajana, Kenneth S.K. Yeo
EuMC: Microstrip Diplexers with Dual-Mode Patch Resonant Junctions
Eugene A. Ogbodo, Yun Wu, Yi Wang


EuMIC: A Behavioral Model for a Wideband RF Analog-to-Digital Converter
John Wood, Matt Straayer
EuMC: Point to Multipoint Wireless Backhaul Systems for Cost-Effective Small Cell Deployment
R. Vilar, J. Marti, F. Magne
EuMC: Waveguide Photonic Choke Joint with Wide Out-of-Band Rejection
Kongpop U-yen, Edward J. Wollack
EuMC: Zero-IF Radar Signal Processing
Stefano Turso, Thomas Bertuch
EuMC: Real-Time Microwave Remote Laboratory Architecture
S. Farah, A. Benachenhou, Guillaume Neveux, Denis Barataud, G. Andrieu, T. Fredon
EuMC: The Microwave Virtual Laboratory for RF Engineers Education
D.S. Gubsky, V.V. Zemlyakov, I.V. Mamay
EuMC: FMCW Ramp Non-Linearity Effects and Measurement Technique for Cooperative Radar
Andreas Frischen, Juergen Hasch, Christian Waldschmidt
EuMC: Wideband Vivaldi Antenna Array with Mechanical Support and Protection Radome for Land-Mine Detection Radar
N.T. Nguyen, G. Clementi, C. Migliaccio, N. Fortino, J.-Y. Dauvignac, J. Willebois, C. Chekroun
EuMC: Reliability of Transmission Lines Fabricated by Screen Printing for On-Wafer Measurements at Millimeter-Wave
Masahiro Horibe, Manabu Yoshida
EuMC: Electronically Tunable Coaxial Right/Left Handed Transmission Line for Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Waveguides
Kelvin J. Nicholson, Jake Clough, Kamran Ghorbani

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