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EuMIC: An 8.3nW -72dBm Event Driven IoE Wake Up Receiver RF Front End
Jesse Moody, Pouyan Bassirian, Abhishek Roy, Yukang Feng, Shuo Li, Robert Costanzo, N. Scott Barker, Benton Calhoun, Steven M. Bowers
EuMC: Optimal Delta-Sigma Modulation Based Noise Shaping for Truly Aliasing-Free Digital PWM
Omer Tanovic, Rui Ma, Koon Hoo Teo
EuMC/EuRAD: Circularly Polarized Conical Dielectric Resonator Antenna for X-Band Applications: An Experimental Study
Sounik Kiran Kumar Dash, Taimoor Khan, Mandovi Borthakur
EuMC/EuRAD: Damper-to-Damper Path Loss Characterization for Intra-Vehicular Wireless Sensor Networks
Carlos A.M. Costa Junior, Hao Gao, Thibault Le Polain, Rainier van Dommele, Bart Smolders, Miguel Dheans, Peter Baltus
EuMC/EuRAD: Novel TM0 Surface Wave Launcher for Integrated Planar Leaky Wave Antennas
Jochen Schafer, Heiko Gulan, Benjamin Gottel, Thomas Zwick
EuMC/EuRAD: Polarization Optimization of Compact Antenna Arrays for Direction of Arrival Estimation
Mariana Pralon, Matthias A. Hein, Reiner S. Thoma, Leandro Pralon, Bruno Pompeo, Gabriel Beltrao, Giovanni Del Galdo, Markus Landmann
EuMC/EuMIC: Analysis of an Overmoded Re-Entrant Cavity
David Marques-Villarroya, Felipe Penaranda-Foix, Beatriz Garcia-Banos, Jose Manuel Catala-Civera, Jose Daniel Gutierrez-Cano
EuMC: Design of Filtering Power Dividers for Desired Filter Responses Using Parallel Coupled-Line Filters
Chih-Jung Chen


EuRAD: The Influence of Spatial Sampling in GPR Surveys for the Detection of Landmines and IEDs
Federico Lombardi, Hugh Griffiths, Maurizio Lualdi
EuRAD: Beamforming with Multi-Channel V-Band System-on-Chip Radar Platform for Gesture Sensing
Raghavendran Vagarappan Ulaganathan, Thomas F. Eibert, Ashutosh Baheti, Reinhard Wolfgang Jungmaier, Saverio Trotta, Gunnar Eisenberg
EuRAD: Perimeter Surveillance Using a Combination of Radar and Optical Sensors
Manfred Hagelen, Reinhard Kulke, Rainer Jetten, Gregor Mollenbeck
EuMC: Design of Near-Field Beam-Splitting Frequency Selective Surfaces for Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna Systems
Chanjoon Lee, Robert Sainati, Rhonda Franklin
EuMC: An Optically Transparent Wideband High Impedance Surface
Mahmoud M. Mostafa, Mohamed I. Ibrahim, Amr M.E. Safwat, Tamer M. Abuelfadl
EuMC: Undergraduate Teaching for Digital Signals on Transmission Lines
R.J. Collier
EuMC: Industrial RFID Sensing Networks for Critical Infrastructure Security
C. Occhiuzzi, S. Amendola, S. Manzari, G. Marrocco
EuMC: Ultra Broadband Non-Planar DC-67--100GHz Contiguous Diplexer Implemented on Organic Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)
Irfan Ashiq, A.P.S. Khanna
EuMC: Multi-Coupled Resonator Microwave Diplexer with High Isolation
Augustine O. Nwajana, Kenneth S.K. Yeo
EuMC: Microstrip Diplexers with Dual-Mode Patch Resonant Junctions
Eugene A. Ogbodo, Yun Wu, Yi Wang


EuMIC: A Behavioral Model for a Wideband RF Analog-to-Digital Converter
John Wood, Matt Straayer
EuMC: Point to Multipoint Wireless Backhaul Systems for Cost-Effective Small Cell Deployment
R. Vilar, J. Marti, F. Magne
EuMC: Waveguide Photonic Choke Joint with Wide Out-of-Band Rejection
Kongpop U-yen, Edward J. Wollack
EuMC: Zero-IF Radar Signal Processing
Stefano Turso, Thomas Bertuch
EuMC: Real-Time Microwave Remote Laboratory Architecture
S. Farah, A. Benachenhou, Guillaume Neveux, Denis Barataud, G. Andrieu, T. Fredon
EuMC: The Microwave Virtual Laboratory for RF Engineers Education
D.S. Gubsky, V.V. Zemlyakov, I.V. Mamay
EuMC: FMCW Ramp Non-Linearity Effects and Measurement Technique for Cooperative Radar
Andreas Frischen, Juergen Hasch, Christian Waldschmidt
EuMC: Wideband Vivaldi Antenna Array with Mechanical Support and Protection Radome for Land-Mine Detection Radar
N.T. Nguyen, G. Clementi, C. Migliaccio, N. Fortino, J.-Y. Dauvignac, J. Willebois, C. Chekroun
EuMC: Reliability of Transmission Lines Fabricated by Screen Printing for On-Wafer Measurements at Millimeter-Wave
Masahiro Horibe, Manabu Yoshida
EuMC: Electronically Tunable Coaxial Right/Left Handed Transmission Line for Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Waveguides
Kelvin J. Nicholson, Jake Clough, Kamran Ghorbani

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